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Information on cuisine

  • Passion for cooking

    A variety of mountain seafood seasons with skillful techniques and a heart of hospitality

    Please enjoy the season with the Kaiseki, fresh taste and smell of the Times.

    In this facility, individual guests enjoy a la carte dish in the room

    You will be assigned a dedicated person during your stay.

    Please enjoy it with fine-grained service.

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  • Dinner example

    Using plenty of carefully selected seasonal taste,

    Carefully finished kaiseki cuisine with expert skills to your heart's content

    Please enjoy.

    Eat hot items while hot, cold items while cold

    We will provide one item at a time for your room.

    【Kaiseki cuisine one example】

     Appetizer, Bowl, sashimi, Rowing, Shochu, Replacement,

     Vinegar, Meal, Deaf, Aquatic

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  • One breakfast

    We will prepare Japanese set meals of the ryokan in a room with true intentions.

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