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Information on hot springs

  • Ishi-no-yu

    The source of Atami that draws to this facility is a mildly alkaline chloride spring that is gentle on the skin.

    Hot water is very soft and you can feel the skin effect, and it is a spring quality suitable for women and children.

    "Ishi-no-yu" is a granite Ishi-no-yu with a very solid feeling, treated with Indian sandstone on the wall.

    The view is Sagami Bay beyond Atami City.

    Of course, you can see the city lights when the sun goes down, not to mention the daytime scenery.

    It is an observation bath of this facility located at the height of Atami.

  • Hiba(Hiba)Hot water of

    Please do a full renewal to change the hot spring of Aoba used since its establishment to a black granite.

    The “Hiba-no-yu” applied in 2017.

    The bathhouse itself is not big, but it is due to the massive granite and the vivid wood wall.

    It is a bathroom where you can feel the luxury.

    In addition, by leaving throughout the flavor of its predecessor such as Hiba to be used to Yuguchi,

    A mellow hot spring will heal you along with the atmosphere and smell of trees.

    While looking at the surrounding mountain range and vivid green, make sure that the rich source and the fragrant aroma of the tree are fully

    Please enjoy bathing in this facility.
  • VIP Room

    Source fresh hot spring is a cypress bath using the Kiso Hinoki (cypress).

    As much as you like during your stay,

    You can enjoy the famous hot spring of Atami just by customers and companions.

    It is large enough for three people at the same time.
  • Features of Atami Onsen

    Atami Onsen, which boasts approximately 26,000 tons of hot spring water discharge per day, is

    Chloride spring and sulfate spring account for about 90%.

    Therefore, salinity covers the skin and has a high heat retention effect, including neuralgia.

    It is a source that can be expected to be effective in improving cold, chronic gynecologic diseases and chronic skin diseases.

    In addition, hot water is very soft because of its mild alkalinity that is gentle on the skin.

    It is a reputation that you can feel the skin effect. It can be said that it is especially suitable for women.

Hot Springs

Atami Onsen

Number of baths

Man: 1 Female: 1


Swap men and women at 24 o'clock (Normal time)

Onsen tax

Only 150 yen for adults only.