【Official】Geihinkan Atami Koarashitei (Koarashi-tei Ryokan Atami Koarashi-tei from May 1, 2020) |

The Atami in Atami, Shibobo Inn with its Japanese design

Predecessor of the facility will begin in Meiji (time period)  

Education Chief Crown Prince Dayu ・ Soga Sukenori Koarashi-tei and Koarashi-tei Education Chief Crown Prince Dayu ・ Soga Sukenori have established a villa “Koarashi-tei” in Koarashi-tei Atami City Koarashicho, Atami City Koarashicho.

The venerable remnant is now here in this facility.  

Please relax in the tranquil setting from the Meiji (time period).

Hotel Facilities

  • lobby

    In the lobby with a feeling of liberation that arrived and got a step from the Entrance.

    The bright greenery of trees welcomes you in front of the Japanese garden.

  • garden

    The Japanese garden that spreads inside the site was supervised by Dr.Saito Kazuo, who is famous in the landscape world.

    A harmonious atmosphere with the nature, and a stone walkway connecting the Main Building and the garden are also available.

    It makes me feel the taste of Japanese rich.

    You can also feed the ponds that swim in the pond.

    How about taking a walk after bathing while feeling the cool wind?

  • Tea Room"Gyoan"

    There is a regular Tea Room (8 square meters) and a small Tea Room.

    The floor pillars are both natural products of Kitayama Sugi, and are expensive one million yen.

    It is said that it is three diaphragm since it was 3.50 yen in the early Meiji (time period) Period.

    The Tea Room nestled in the greenery and quiet of the garden can be overlooked if the weather is fine.

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Hotel Name

Geihinkan Atami Koarashitei(Ryokan Ryokan Atami Koarashi-tei from May 1, 2020)


1-16 Koarashicho, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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10 minutes by taxi from JR Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet Train)"Atami Station"
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